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Tower Tabs Chemicator Crystals

HVAC Water Treatment

Tower Tabs and Chemicator Crystals

Scale and corrosion control tablets are an environmentally friendly form of advanced technology water treatment for recirculating evaporative cooling water systems and heat exchangers. This product is a concentrated blend of organo phosphates, polymeric anti-scalents and dispersants with organic corrosion inhibitors — all in convenient tablet form.

Tower Tabs and Chemicatore Crystals are designed specifically for smaller HVAC units, less than 100 tons. Controlled release product provides one month of protection, for recirculaing water systems. No spills, spashing, dusting. No drums or secondary containment.

Easy to use tablets or crystals can be placed in a mesh bag, provided, for maintenance free service.


  • Tower Tabs will prolong the tower life by controlling corrosion
  • Tower Tabs will reduce scale buidup on pipes and surfaces
  • Tower Tabs will control microbial growth, algae and biofilm, common to sumps and open systems. 
  • Clean and maintain heat exchange surfaces - Energy proficient
  • Protects waterside surfaces from scale and corrosion
  • Easy to use tablets or crystals
  • Chemex will provide cost-free monitoring to ensure proper dosage level and control
  • Model E Tablet Feeder available 


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