Certified Air Disinfection

Eliminates 99.9995% of airborne viruses in minutes!

SAM, or Scientific Air Management, provides whole-room, aerosol chamber, laboratory-certified air disinfection in full Environmental Protection Agency compliance testing for the Healthcare industry. SAM units are currently used in hospitals including:

  • NYU Medical Center
  • University of Rochester Medical Center
  • The Federal VA Hospital System
  • Baptist Health South Florida
  • St Joseph’s Hospital Health Center NY
  • Many others



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The SAM 400® uses patented UV-C technology, certified in EPA Guideline testing chambers, rigorously examined, and conclusively proven to a 99.9995% kill rate of viruses, bacteria, mold, removing odor, VOCs and particulates for a standard size room, in under 30 minutes




The SAM 400® patented UV-C no-ozone laboratory verified technology, disinfects large volumes of fast moving air. Tested in EPA guideline bio-aerosol chambers to mitigate virus and bacteria, eliminate particulates, remove mold and odor. The SAM 400® is hospital proven in nationally recognized with facilities such as NYU Medical Center, University of Rochester, Federal VA Hospitals, NY Health + Hospitals, and Baptist Health Systems using the device in operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency rooms, patient recovery rooms, compounding pharmacies, air infection isolation rooms (AIIR), labs, morgues, food-service, waiting areas, and where ever patient and staff safety requires managed air.

The SAM 400® is hospital proven with nationally recognized hospitals such as NYU Medical Center, University of Rochester, and Federal VA Hospitals using the device in their Intensive Care Units, Operating Rooms, Patient Rooms, Compounding Pharmacies, Labs, Morgues, Food-Service, Waiting Areas, and more.


400 CFM: SAM delivers the highest air disinfection levels in cubic feet per minute for its size. With 3 X the standard concentration of UV-C light for disinfection, HEPA filtration, and 5-micron miles of specially formulated carbon, SAM removes pathogens, particulates, odors, and VOCs -- quickly.



Rapid Whole Room Clean: Complete disinfection of a standard 800-sq.-ft. room in minutes. Whole-room air exchange after only 20 minutes. No ozone production, no external UV-C exposure, and no VOCs or odors remaining.


Measles, or rubeola, is a viral infection of the respiratory system. Measles is a very contagious disease that can spread through contact with infected mucus and saliva. An infected person can release the infection into the air when they cough or sneeze. The measles virus can live on surfaces for several hours



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USP797 Compliant Clean Rooms Test Results



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SAM 400 air disinfection