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RX-80 Sanitizing Rug / Carpet Cleaner

Surfaces and Sub-Surfaces

RX-80 Sanitizing Rug / Carpet Cleaner

RX 80 was the first, and is still the only, sanitizing cleaner specifically for use on carpet. Others were really made for hard surfaces, and they leave a sticky residue, causing rapid resoiling. RX 80 cleans better, eliminates causes of odors in the carpet... and it is the only such product with AIRICIDE® to erase foul odors already in the air.

For all washable, synthetic fiber carpeting, but particularly for cleaning and deodorizing carpets in hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries, locker rooms, restaurants, etc. where putrefactive bacteria and odors can be a problem. Like most sanitizing products RX80 is cationic and is not recommended for use on stain resistant nylon carpeting.


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