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RX-31 Granular Odor Absorbent

Odor Control

RX-31 Granular Odor Absorbent

This highly effective odor counteractant product is composed of recycled carbonized paper pulp that has been pulverized for immediate absorption of putrid odors in the air, and for maximum absorption of the liquid swill that generates such foul odors. The pulp is in small, extremely lightweight pellets that are then impregnated with 100% AIRICIDE® that vaporizes to erase any odors already in the air. This incinerable, completely biodegradable, environmentally-friendly product is easy to use. Just apply at bottom of dumpsters, compactors, trash and garbage containers, or add a small amount each time you add waste. Absorbs 300 times its own weight and twice its volume of liquid. That's several times the effectiveness of competitive clay products.


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