Special Offer for RC-346 Rust Converter

No more grinding away rust on surfaces...

No mess with acidic rust removers...


chemically converts rust to a durable long lasting protective coating


Please fill out the form on this page to order your Rust Converter, or just call us. We can answer your questions related to our rust converter and related maintenance products. Please include your ship to instructions.

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  • Chemically converts rust to a durable long-lating protective coating
  • Not a cover-up
  • Protects against future corrosion
  • No sandblasting grinding or etching required


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All orders outside of California are free of sales tax.

California customers are required to pay sales tax.


To receive the 2 dozen RC 346 Rust Converter, and one case of Big Ben, - please include $39.73 for freight cost, throughout the continental USA.


rust converter converts rust to a shiny black coating


 CompliAssure SECURED

This offer is for new customers ONLY. Eligible customers are municipalities, institutional and industrial accounts, schools & universities, animal care and resorts.



rust converter stops rust converts it into an inert protective coating