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Non-Sacrificial Graffiti Resistant Coating


graffiti resistant coatring, PermaShield resists graffiti

PERMA SHIELD is a one-component, high-solids, water base, low VOC, water based co-polymer plastic coating that dries to a clear and hard, non-yellowing film that protects the surface and prevents the penetration of spray paint, marking pens, chemical attack, crayon, and lipstick into the substrate.


PERMASHIELD NON-SACRIFICIAL may be used on most interior or exterior, bare or painted surfaces. It is used for graffiti control and to protect against fog, mildew, corrosion, fumes and salt spray. It also leaves the surface easy to clean.


  • Non-Sacrificial Graffiti Resistant Coating
  • One-component, high solids, Low VOC's
  • Waterborne Co-Polymer Plastic Coating
  • Graffiti Barrier Stain Resistant Coating


permashield non-sacrificial graffiti resistant coatant, graffiti protection



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The Office of Health and Safety Services has approved the

use of PermaShield Non-Sacrificial Graffiti Resistant Coating

by Cal trans employees.








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permashield non sacrificial graffiti resistant coating, resists graffiti


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