Perfect O2 - Boosted With Peroxide

Now Safer Choice Approved! Meets U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards

Perfect-O2 is a multi-purpose cleaner with oxygenated peroxide and fortified with high performance solvents and surfactants. This unique blend of oxygen boosted surfactants and cleaners means it will safely clean and degrease the toughest soils. Unlike other peroxide cleaners, it has a neutral pH, so it does not leave a streaking residue behind.

The strongest Ready-To-Use Peroxide cleaner available today.

MULTI-SURFACE CLEANING: From counter tops to carper and upholstery, you will find a multitude of uses for Perfect O2.

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MULTI-SURFACE CLEANING: From counter tops to carpet and upholstery, you will find a multitude of uses for Perfect O2.




Neutral pH: Eliminates streaking


USES: Ideal for cleaning countertops, glass, mirrors, sinks, toilets and other hard surfaces. Also, versatile enough to be used on soft surfaces, such as carpeting and fabrics.

One product for glass, carpeting, counters, autos, kitchens, bathrooms, mirrors and much more!


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  • Removes Spots on Soft Surfaces
  • Use for Carpets and Upholstery
  • Excellent for Spot-Free Glass Cleaning.
  • More than double the level of peroxide, than others

  • Neutral pH

  • Safe on hard and soft surfaces not harmed by water

  • HMIS rating of 100B

  • Utilizes safe for the environment surfactants and high performance solvents

  • Does not contain D-limonene

  • Fresh clean scent and natural odor control

PERFECT-O2 is unique, in that it utilizes state of the art solvents and surfactants to boost its cleaning ability as compared to most on the market, that use D-limolene. It also contains more than double the level of peroxide than other products. PERFECT-O2 is now certified by EPA DfE "Safer Choice".

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