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Nite Glow Epoxy Coating and Primer


Nite Glow Epoxy Coating and Primer

NITEGLOW® Epoxy Coating NG-100 and NITEGLOW® Primer 114 MEA approved 


The two part epoxy glow-in-the-dark system is a thick coating that is applied with a putty knife. Our product is a single coat, while most competitors require two or three coats. The kit comes with fast drying (30-60 minutes) ultra white reflective acrylic primer that must be used to get the proper glow-in-the-dark. Comes in a quart can kits which include: fast drying white primer, glow epoxy and hardener, putty knife, mixing arm and spatula. Epoxy Coating NG-100 can be applied to almost any surface.


• Brightness rating 51 mcd/m² at 10 minutes, 9 mcd/m² at 60 minutes, 6mcd/m² at 90 minutes
• 100% solids epoxy • Single coat • Durable epoxy system • Easy to clean
• MEA approved • Coating thickness about 25 mils
• Glow-in-the-dark brightness rating that exceeds NY City requirements

To install simply mask off desired area with tape about 25 mils thick, roll or brush on the ultra white acrylic primer, mix the glow-in-the-dark epoxy and hardener, apply with putty knife, hardens overnight.



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