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Lights Out Bed Bug Killer

Lights Out Bed Bug Killer


LIGHTS OUT is a water-based pesticide developed especially to control bed bugs. When applied as directed on the labeling, Lights Out will kill bed bugs on contact. 100% mortality occurs within 5-10 minutes of application, depending on life stage. Lights Out is also effective on other insects: cockroaches, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles, and fleas. Any of the listed insects coming into contact with a surface treated with Lights Out will be killed for up to 30 days after application.

Lights Out Bed Bug Killer is made only with ingredients which qualify for the 25(b) exemption in the EPA Pesticide Regulations. The US EPA has identified a group of naturally derived chemicals as having pesticidal qualities which exhibit very low if any toxicity. These chemicals are identified in a special section of the EPA pesticide regulations known as section 25(b). In addition, the US EPA has identified a list of inert ingredients, again those which are generally considered to have very low to no toxicity, which can be used to formulate a pesticide with the 25(b) active ingredients. These products are not required to be registered as a pesticide by the EPA.


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  • 100% Non-Toxic to All Mammals
  • All ingredients on EPA’s list of Products Generally Considered Safe (GRAS)
  •  Kills on contact within minutes (100% Bed Bug mortality rate within 5-10 minutes) 
  • Remains lethal for up to 30 days preventing re infestation
  • Effective against a wide variety of insects
  • Dries odorless without staining
  • No insect immunity created as with pesticides
  • Spray on mattresses and home furnishings without needing to dispose of them


LIGHTS OUT kills the listed insects by breaking down the waxy outer layer on the insect’s body. Once the waxy layer is broken down, the insect begins losing internal moisture, causing dehydration, and eventual death. Once applied, a certain amount of the active ingredient is stored in a crystalline structure which is included in the inert ingredients in Lights Out. Once dry, if an insect disturbs this structure the active ingredient is released onto the body of the insect, causing death by dehydration.  


Available in cases (12 quarts per case and also aerosol - packed 12 - 14 oz. per case


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