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Food Grade Grease Aerosol

Food Grade Grease Aerosol

NSF certified for use as a lubricant where incidental food contact may occur. A high viscosity, high temperature grease specially formulated for the food packaging and pharmaceutical industry. "FOOD GRADE GREASE" protects equipment against rust, oxidation, and wear.

Resists throw off, shear breakdown, and water and detergent wash out. "FOOD GRADE GREASE" is for use in bakeries, breweries, dairies, meat and poultry plants, and other food plants.

This product is accepted as a lubricant with incidental food contact for use in and around food processing areas. An ultra polymer structured White Food Grease with outstanding load carrying ability and superior high temperature resistance.

"FOOD GRADE GREASE" will protect against rust, oxidation and wear. Resists water and steam wash out.


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