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F-5000 H.D. CIP Acid Cleaner


F-5000 H.D. CIP Acid Cleaner

 F-5000 H.D. CIP Acid Cleaner is a high performance detergent serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, and other related industries requiring an effective production cycle treatment. F-5000 removes process generated scale, visible or invisible, which can act as a key for soil to adhere to.

F-5000 is a blend of nitric and phosphoric acids, along with surfactant cleaning agents,
chelating agents and other essential ingredients.

• Removes mineral (inorganic) soil solutions
• Removes a wide variety of scales, particulate
and inorganic soils
• Extremely Free Rinsing
• Provides Residue Free Cleaning in GMP compliant
• Suitable for validated cleaning
• Low Foaming


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