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EpoxyGuard Concrete Protective Coating


EpoxyGuard Concrete Protective Coating


EPOXYGUARD is a user-friendly, two component, water-based, 100% epoxy. It is formulated to provide a showroom-quality finish with outstanding adhesion, impact, chemical, water and stain resistance.


EPOXYGUARD has no toxic fumes and no solvents. It has ZERO VOC's and can be used for garage and auto repair floors, warehouses, factory floors and basement walls.


EPOXYGUARD is easy to keep clean, protects against transmission fluids, brake fluid, motor oil, gasoline, grease, anti-freeze, salt and hot-tire pick-up.


Packaged in CLEAR, GRAY & TAN colors.


GRAY & Tan colored kits include decorative plastic chips


See Technical Bulletin for complete description & application instructions



TWO-COMPONENT water-based 100% epoxy floor coating


3 Page Technical Report


Epoxyguard p. 1

Epoxyguard p.2

Epoxyguard p.3


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100% epoxy floor coat, water-based epoxy floor coat 100% solids



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