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EcoAbsorb Super Absorbent Spill Clean-Up

Solvents / Strippers / Coatings

EcoAbsorb Super Absorbent Spill Clean-up

Municipalities embrace NEW "Outdoor Formula" ***No DUSTING!

he ECOABSORB line of environmentally friendly super absorbents provide a brand new alternative for spill clean-up. Environmentally safe and 100% all natural, ECO>ABSORB non-toxic absorbent turns cleaning up a nasty spill into a simple process. Oil spills, chemical spills, hazmat spills, food and beverage spills and all other commercial and residential spills are no match for this light-weight super absorbent.

ECOABSORB completely cleans any spill leaving no residue, stain, or odor behind. Using ECO>ABSORB satisfies Fat, Oil and Grease Best Management Practices.

ECOABSORB can absorb all paint spills, gas spills, motor oil spills, automotive fluid spills, body fluid spills including vomit or blood, plus an array of other fluids like grease, eggs, alcoholic beverages, liquid detergent, peanut butter, salad dressing, shampoo, mustard, ketchup and all chemicals except hydrofluoric acid.

ECOABSORB comes in many variations making this product very versatile. ECO>ABSORB is an all natural compound, 100% safe to use around humans, animals, and safe for the environment. ECO>ABSORB is non-toxic and 100% landfill safe. This is a money saving and time saving spill mitigation product, which cleans up any spill without hurting the environment in any way.


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