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Eco Seal Drain Trap Sealer and Deodorizer

ECO SEAL Trap Seal 

Odor Control For Urinals and Dry Drains


ECO SEAL is a uniquely formulated, environmentally friendly sealer designed for use in waterless no flush urinals. ECO SEAL creates a non-soluble seal of a deodorizing liquid in the trap. ECO SEAL also prevents unwanted sewer vapors from backing their way into the air. Has a pleasant cherry fragrance to give instant and long lasting odor protection from dried out traps, keeping them wet and odor free. Easy to use, simply add it and forget it.


WATERLESS URINALS; Add 3 ounces of ECO SEAL directly into the urinal. 


DRIED OUT DRAINS, Add 1 gallon of water, then add ECO SEAL as follows:


  2” Drains - Add 3 ounces of ECO SEAL      

  3”- 4” Drains - Add 6 ounces of ECO SEAL

  4” Drains, - Add 9 ounces of ECO SEAL

As long as there is no additional large amount of water entering the drain, ECO SEAL will last indefinitely.


environmentally friendly sealer designed for use in waterless no flush urinals


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eco seal prevents unwanted sewer gas and sewer vapors

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