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Dry Moly Friction Reducing Lubricant and Anti-Seize Coating

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Dry Moly Lubricant

Extreme condition, dry, friction reducing lubricant and anti-seize coating. Withstands high temperatures and extreme pressures. Provides a dry film lubricant especially suited for use in dirty or dusty atmospheres. Burnishes into metal to provide long term lubrication and protection. Inert to water, oil, alkalis, and acids. Molybdenum disulfide dry film lubricant that withstands high pressures and temperatures. Lubricates moving parts of all kinds. Fast drying with minimal transfer. Protects from rusting and corrosion by displacing moisture. Reduces metal to metal contact on treated surfaces. Service temperatures range from -40° F to 600° F. Convenient aerosol is ideal for lubricating surfaces where a liquid lubricant is not practical.


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dry moly,dry friction reducing lubricant and anti-seize coating


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