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CWT-31 Plus Alkalinity Control


CWT-31 Plus Alkalinity Control

Cooling Tower Treatment

Saves Water $$$






CWT-31 PLUS is an alkalinity control technology program with built-in corrosion inhibitors and dispersants. CWT-31 is by far the most effective choice in selecting a scale and corrosion preventative for evaporative recirculated cooling systems, including evaporative condensers.





1. By preventing “P” alkalinity from forming in the system’s water and having only HCO3 present (which is highly soluble) the system will not form scale.

2. Temporarily lowering the system’s water pH to a negative index, can serve as an “on stream” gradual scale remover.

3. PH’s below 8.0 will be constant in the system, making the use of low cost oxidizing biocides possible.

4. Will always allow systems concentration to be higher (5 cycles or greater)


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alkalinity control cooling tower treatment saves water


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