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Pan - Gel Condensate Drain Pan Treatment

HVAC Water Treatment

Geltabs are a unique approach to A/C drain pan treatment. As the moisture either drips on or flows over the geltab, it forms a gel, locking the geltab into place. This locking action never allows the geltab to move or block the drain line. PAN-GEL geltab's uniquely designed formula with AT-8 turns the geltab into a very slow gel release, giving it a positive, long-lasting and aggressive cleaning action. The geltab will clean sludge and other accumulations in condensate drain pans and lines, eliminating plugged condensate drain lines and stale water odors.


  • Gel tabs locks into place
  • Does not release any chlorine or other noxious or toxic fumes
  • • Starts working immediately
  • • Slow and continuous release
  • • Prevents costly repairs
  • Color Codes for easy selection


  • UT-3 up to 5 Tons ..............Yellow Tablet
  • UT-7 up to 7.5 Tons ............Blue Tablet
  • UT-15 up to 15 Tons........... Red Tablet


Pan-Gel geltabs are NSF Registered



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