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CLR Pro Bath Daily Cleaner

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CLR Pro Bath Daily Cleaner

Non-toxic, DAILY multi-purpose, multi-surface, for use in bathroom and bathroom related areas
• Removes calcium, lime, hard water deposits, soap scum, discoloration, surface rust and dirt
• Tough enough to lighten most stains with the power of lactic acid, a known natural lightener
• Septic Safe, won’t harm flow of septic
• EPA’s DfE formula for safer chemistry
• Great for use on stainless steel, plastics, tile, glass, fiberglass, toilet bowls, sinks, granite (sealed), & Corian®
• Great for stainless steel, ceramic/porcelain sinks, bath tubs and toilets in hotels, hospitals and restaurants.
• Contains no alcohol, phosphates, ammonia or bleach
• Biodegradable


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