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Chlorinated Foaming Cleaner - Food Plant Degreaser

Chlorinated Foaming Cleaner Degreaser

CHLORINATED FOAMING CLEANER is a high-foaming concentrated bleach cleaner that offers maximum grease and stain cutting power. NSF A1 certified

Foaming AP Degreaser is a concentrated blend of organic surfactants and inorganic detergents, combined with exceptional degreasing capabilities. This viscous liquid, phosphate-free detergent system is for use primarily, as a food plant degreaser. This product is safe and effective in both soft and hard water for the removal of organic soils, vegetable oils as well as petroleum grease & oils. When applied on stainless steel equipment, concrete, walls or floors and various other surfaces, it produces a thick, long-lasting foam blanket that quickly penetrates, emulsifies and saponifies: oils, greases, fats and other soils so that they can be rinsed to a sparkling film-free surfaces. Not for use on aluminum, galvanized and other non-ferrous metals. 



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chlorinated foaming cleaner degreaser, food plant degreaser


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CHLORINATED foaming cleaner degreaser for food plants


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