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C-True Headlight Renovator

C-True Headlight Renovator


Dull, yellowed headlamps diminish your ability to see & be seen. You can achieve like-new results, in one easy step.

Cleans & Polishes Headlights

One Step Process. Quickly Restores Clarity!

With Built In UV Protector. Removes Surface Discoloration.

Leaves Headlights with a Fine Gloss Shine


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"C-True" contains a cleaner that removes films, dirt, and UV damage along with the everyday grime that attaches to all plastics outside of
the car, including headlights. C-True completely removes all yellow, UV lines, Acid Rain spots and all minor scratches from the headlight carbon plastic. Safe on Plexiglass & Plastics. Restores Clarity. Removes scratches. 


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