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C-50 Food Plant Degreaser

C-50 Food Plant Degreaser (A-1)


"C-50" Water Soluble Industrial Degreaser  - Food Grade


food plant degreaser, hd cleaner degreaser for food plants 

C-50 is a highly concentrated, heavy-duty degreaser for industrial use. It is a blend of water-soluble solvents, corrosion inhibitors and surfactants. C-50 will clean everything from painted surfaces to greasy metal parts. It is designed to be fast-acting, with maximum safety to the materials used upon, the user and our environment. C-50 requires no special handling or storage.



  • Medium Foaming alkaline cleaner and degreaser
  • Contains powerful mixture of surfactants and chelating agents for use in difficult cleaning applications
  • Recommended for use on Walls, Floors, Ovens, Equipment, Utensils
  • Highly concentrated: Dilute with 2 to 12 oz. per gallon water
  • Safe for use on aluminum & stainless surfaces
  • Can be used for the cleaning and degreasing of concrete, tile, steel, and other heavy duty industrial floors
  • Concentrated powerful ingredients will clean everything from painted surfaces to greasy metal parts
  • Cuts through grease, grime, oil, dye, rust, exhaust smoke, scum and dirt


Non-Flammable, Non-Combustible, and Non-Corrosive.



  • For use in Food Plants, Vitamin Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical
  • Can be used in Automatic Scrubbing Machines
  • No/Low Odor           





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       food plant degreaser, water soluble food plant degreaser

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