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Bugs 'R' Done GRAS


Bugs 'R' Done

BUGS 'R' DONE is a highly effective, environmentally safe indoor and outdoor insecticide containing pure orange peel oil, nature's own botanically-derived, insecticide. In combination with four other ingredients, all named by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration as 'GRAS,' Generally Regarded as Safe in human foods, BUGS 'R' DONE bears a warning-free EPA-approved label in EPA's least hazardous category IV.


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The most effective ant, roach, fly, spider & mosquito killer, that health conscious people seek. The insect control product you will use with confidence around food, children, especially sensitive cats, dogs & birds. Don’t be fooled by imitators of water- based d’limonene products. Ours is not water- based, therefore better kill and longer residual. The MOST effective natural bug killer made with FDA listed ingredients safe in human foods. Long lasting residual repellency, keeps annoying insects away.




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