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Apartment Complex Stain & Odor Control: A Safe & Effective Solution

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Thu, May 5, 2016 @ 10:05 AM

AdobeStock_103160240.jpegIn 2015 rental apartment communities spent $634 per unit on maintenance.  This accounted for 4.7% of GPR (gross potential rent).  Nearly 5% of an apartment community’s revenue is going to maintenance and repair each year.  The demand for apartments has skyrocketed over the past 2 years and is expected to continue to grow.  Younger people finishing school are delaying marriage, paying student loan debt and opting to rent over purchase.  Managing this growth as an apartment complex can pose some challenges; one of the biggest is cost control. 

Of the $634 per unit maintenance average, a costly percentage of that is removing and replacing carpeting due to stains and odors.  According to, apartment grade carpet (depending on traffic rating) can cost $7 to $10 per square yard.  Add another $2 per square yard for padding and another $3 per square yard for installation, and that can be an expensive undertaking.  However there is a way to save carpet from unsightly stains and pet odors. 

Odors are caused by bacteria.  Specifically, pet and urine odors are caused by uratic salt crystals.  When it comes to urine odor the only way to remove the uratic salt crystals, and hence the smell, is to use an enzyme based cleaning product.  Enzyme based cleaning products use good bacteria to remove harmful and stubborn stains and odors through a bio enzymatic action.  This is exactly what Digest Plus does.

Digest_Plus-Qt.jpgDigest Plus – Odor Digester

The bacteria contained in Digest Plus absorbs the organic base of stains and odors.  These same bacteria produce an enzyme that liquefies and literally digests the harmful bacteria and uratic salt crystals.  This is a totally effective and safe solution to stains and odors.  This process neither contains, nor produces, any harmful chemicals, pollutants or reactions; it only leaves carbon dioxide, water, and more enzymes.  Every gallon of Digest Plus contains 250 billion bacteria.  This bacteria needs food to grow and multiply, their food is the bacteria and salts that are creating the odors and stains on your carpet.   These odors and stains are otherwise impossible to remove. 

So the next time you find some problem areas on one of your unit’s carpet, instead of replacing it, eliminate it.  Digest Plus is the safe and effective process that permanently removes the source of odors.  Since 1973 Chemex Industries has been providing safe, environmentally friendly, industrial cleaning solutions.

Digest Plus Technical Data Sheet

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Controlling Odors and Stains: A Safe and Organic Approach

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Mon, Feb 29, 2016 @ 11:02 AM

Dollarphotoclub_68383039.jpgStains happen.  It’s almost an inevitable and incessant occurrence in both your home and your business.  Of course based on your industry, the origin, variety and severity of these stains will vary.  However, the bottom line is they need to be controlled and removed.  This is also especially true for odors.  Just like stains, odors have an array of sources, causes and consequences.  It is because of these reasons that the stain and odor removal business is a multi-million dollar enterprise.  In a climate where more and more businesses are seeing increased competition and decreasing margins finding cost savings has never been more important.  However, ignoring odors and stains, or opting for a smaller maintenance budget at the expense of efficacy is not an option, it is also unsafe.

Let’s take a quick look at what causes odors and stains, as well as what removes them.  Today just about every odor control product makes claims using these buzz words: odor neutralizing, kills odor at the source, not a cover-up, etc.  So with all of these options, which one will work for your problem? The answer to this question lies at the source of your odor.

Many odors and stains stem from common problem areas that are found in just about any and every facility.  Restrooms (around toilets, urinals and sinks), traps, drains and grease traps are just a few general locations that can create odor and stain issues.  In these areas bacteria and other organic materials create odors as well as stains.  Many odor control products attempt to mask the odor with a more pleasant smell or annihilate it with chemicals.  However there is a safe, sanitary and environmentally friendly way to completely remove and end these odors.  It comes from fighting bacteria with bacteria.

It’s important to realize that there are 2 types of bacteria: good & bad.  Good bacteria gives us things like beer, cheese and antibiotics.  Bad bacteria gives us things like disease.  Using good bacteria to consume the harmful organics that create stains and emit odors is not only a healthy method, but actually ends both stains and odors.

Digest Plus Odor Digester

The digestion method employed by Digest Plus uses specific bacteria and enzymes to actually consume odor causing material.  The enzymes produced by Digest Plus actually liquefy and digest these materials as food.  The only sub product of this reaction is harmless carbon dioxide, water and more beneficial enzymes.  By not using any chemicals and producing innocuous byproducts, Digest Plus is safe to use on any surface and poses no safety concerns. 

Not only are the bacteria used effective at removing stains and odors they are also good (not just safe) for the environment.  These bacteria all exist naturally and are non-harmful to humans or animals.  Once implemented they release their enzymes, digest harmful material and multiply.

Not only will stains and odors be removed from floors and hard surfaces, but Digest Plus can help to clear drains and remove stubborn stains from carpet and other fabrics.  Anywhere organic materials create stains and odors, Digest Plus can be applied and will safely remove them.

Digest Plus is one of the many effective, safe, and eco-friendly products available from Chemex Industries.  Each gallon is certified to contain 250 billion bacteria. This odor digester can rid your facility and business of stains and odors.  Health facilities, government agencies, schools, municipalities, food service facilities and a variety of other industries can all leverage these products for a safer, cleaner environment.

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