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Big Bear H.D. 

Cleaners / Degreasers

Big Bear H.D. Oil Water Separation System

H.D. Steam Cleaner

BIG BEAR Degreaser is a highly concentrated alkaline cleaner/degreaser formulated for efficiency and performance in a broad range of cleaning and degreasing applications. It delivers a one-two punch with a water base solvent/surfactant system and buffered alkalinity to encompass most industrial cleaning/degreasing functions, at multiple dilution ratios. Water rinsable properties coupled with a controlled foam level permits its use in almost all application methods: by mop, brush, steam or pressure spray, hot or cold soak tank, scrubber, or trigger sprayer.

Truly a heavy duty degreaser to get the job done right.


big bear cleaner degreaser, h.d. pressure wash


Named for Use by Caltrans - California Department of Transportation



Big Bear Degreaser, Cleaner Degreaser Detergent Concentrate



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