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BCDMH Bromine Tabs


BCDMH Bromine Tabs


BCDMH Tabs offer a safer, more effective alternative to chlorine-based oxidizing biocides and non-oxidizing biocides for microbiological control in industrial cooling waters. When dissolved in water, BCDMH Tabs generate hypobromous acid. BCDMH Tabs are registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency for use in once-through and recirculating cooling waters, heat exchange water systems, air washers equipped with mist eliminators, industrial water scrubbers, influent water systems, brewery pasteurizers, cooling ponds, wastewater treatment systems and pulp and paper mills and sanitizer for pools, spas/hot tubs.



  • BCDMH TABS ARE THE LARGEST AND SLOWEST DISSOLVING FORM Of BCDMH. This is the product of choice for applications where the highest degree of feed control is needed.
  • • SAFER HANDLING. Because of its solid form, BCDMH is easier to handle than most common gas and liquid oxidizing biocides, thereby reducing the likely risk and impact of environmental exposure.
  • • ENHANCED ENVIRONMENTAL ACCEPTABILITY. BCDMH decays rapidly allowing for safe discharge into most wastewater systems.


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BCDMH tablets generate hypobromous acid, Bromine Tabs

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