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Aluma Aluminum Brightener


Aluminum Brightener Removes Corrosion and Oxidation


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ALUMA is a hydrofluoric acid-based aluminum cleaner and brightener. Highly concentrated and powerful. Contains a blend of acids, detergents and corrosion inhibitors that prevent acids from attacking metal surfaces. Removes oxidation, corrosion and scale. Leaves surfaces bright and shiny.


ALUMA Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener uses a heavy-duty formula to remove corrosion and oxidation from aluminum surfaces. This product leaves aluminum bright and clean.


Use On Aluminum Surfaces: 

Trailers  ♦ Boats  ♦ Building materials  ♦ Exterior surfaces


** Do not use on anodized aluminum.

Effective Against  ♦ Oxidation  ♦ Corrosion  ♦ Dirt  ♦ Soot


Features and Benefits:

Restores the original shine and luster to weathered aluminum surfaces.


  • Easy to use water-rinseable formula
  • Removes Corrosion & Oxidation from aluminum surfaces

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