For Hazmat Spills, Oil Only Spills or General Purpose Spills

Spill kits are perfect for any and all disaster preparedness situations. They contain the finest quality products for hazmat spills, oil only or universal spill control and are fully customizable! 

All of our Kits now contain Acid Neutralizer and pop-up safety cones.

Kits come with complete instructions, including a template outling reporting obligations.

Kits include PPE, protecive clothing with elastic wrist and ankle, goggles, booties, face mask, nitrile gloves.


Additional supplies: 50 grey Universal pads, 4, 3 ft. socks, 2 pillows, disposable bags with ties, 5 quart size of appropriate sorbent for desired spill containment, 32 oz. scoop, 1 Qt Pump-Up Sprayer with RTU disinfectant suitable for blood spills and Power Up degreaser for clean up of imbedded oils in concrete or asphalt.


   degreaser for clean up of imbedded oils in concrete or asphalt    Hazmat pads and rolls, spill kit    universal socks surround spills Acid neutralizer