"USR" — Uratic Salts Remover — Tech Sheet

USR is our specialty product designed for one particular problem. What makes USR so accepted is that this particular problem is found in every restroom with urinals. Any urinal in operation will develop offensive odors caused by the buildup of uratic salts. This uratic salts buildup in the plumbing lines takes the form of a hard, crystalline substance that smells horrible and resists all drain openers. USR safely and easily removes this buildup, eliminates the cause of the odor and cleans the fixture. For a simple observation of USR's effectiveness, put an entire egg into a glass containing USR and water. (The eggshell simulates the calcium and mineral deposits found in urinals). Notice how rapidly the USR begins its job to dissolve the shell. When complete (eggshell completely dissolved) the membrane of the egg is left intact, indicating the degree of safety.

Controls odors in urinals, Removes calcium deposits, Safe odorless solution, Safe on all plumbing.

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                                                                         USR # 568

"RX-33" — Biological Grease Trap & Drain line Maintainer — Tech Sheet

This bio-enzymatic complex works to liquefy grease, fats, organic matter and other potential blockages in grease traps, drains and drain lines. Billions of specially bred micro organisms lie dormant in each gallon of RX-33, then spring to action when they contact organic waste, releasing enzymes that attack, and digest the matter. Like nature, but faster.

"NUSCENT" — Sewer Sweetener" — Tech Sheet

NUSCENT controls and neutralizes offensive odors caused by nitrogenous and sulfurous sources. NUSCENT is a concentrated odor suppressant/deodorizer that is uniquely formulated to control and eliminate foul odors with a three-phase action: (1) Attacks and deactivates organic odor sources; (2) Functions as a reodorant to combine with or replace malodors; and (3) Leaves a pleasant fragrance in its place. Non-flammable, non-hazardous, and biodegradable.


"KLEEN-OUT" — Sulfuric Acid Drain Opener — Tech Sheet

KLEEN-OUT is a highly migrational drain opener designed for the toughest of clogs. KLEEN-OUT is 100% non-flammable, water-soluble and environmentally friendly. On contact, KLEEN-OUT's proprietary reaction establishes bonding with organic materials, which alters the structure into malleable and flowable matter. KLEEN-OUT contains a patented and highly inhibited sulfuric acid emulsion that is safe on plastics, concrete and metals.

"ADIOS" — Drain Fly Repellent — Tech Sheet

ADIOS drain fly repellent is a thick gel that clings to pipes and drains to rid them of drain fly infestations. Repels annoying and unsanitary drain flies with Citronella, a natural fly repellent. Biodegradable, non-toxic and non-caustic. Non EPA registered formula.

"REAM" — Granular Drain Opener — Tech Sheet

REAM is a citrus-scented product that cleans and maintains drains by attacking the key sources of stopped or slow moving drains (hair, soap scum, and slime) which becomes trapped, matted and tangled, causing a continual problem.

"FIREBALL2" — Non Acid Drain Opener — Tech Sheet

A fast acting, non-acid liquid for opening and maintaining drains and traps in sinks, tubs, toilets, urinals, and floor outlets by dissolving and liquefying grease, paper, sanitary napkins, hair and soap residue that holds it together. Great also for cleaning commercial grease traps.

Fireball 2

"ORGANIK GTC" — Citrus Grease Trap Cleaner — Tech Sheet

Clear drains of grease and clogs quickly with this amazing liquid. 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe and no harmful vapors make GTC the product of choice to treat your drains and keep them free flowing. No acids or caustics in the formulation of GTC permits safe treatment of all pipes, lines, traps etc., including PVC, plastics and all metals.


This is our most popular, all-natural solution for keeping lift station surfaces free of grease accumulations. Made with 100% d'Limonene, this product uses a non-emulsifying formula, so it floats on the surface of the water. As waste water levels rise and fall, it coats all lift station surfaces and removes heavy grease deposits from lift station walls. It also leaves behind the fresh scent of oranges as it cleans. Biodegradable, so it will not interfere with the biological digestion of existing bacteria.

"RX-31" — Super Sorbent for Catch Basins, Lift Stations — Tech Sheet

This highly effective odor counteractant product is composed of recycled carbonized paper pulp that has been pulverized for immediate absorption of putrid odors in the air, and for maximum absorption of the liquid swill that generates such foul odors. The pulp is in small, extremely lightweight pellets that are then impregnated with 100% AIRICIDE® that vaporizes to erase any odors already in the air. This incineratable, completely biodegradable, environmentally-friendly product is easy to use. Just apply at bottom of dumpsters, compactors, trash and garbage conotainers, or add a small amount each time you add waste. Absorbs 300 times its own weight and twice its volume of liquid. That's several times the effectiveness of competitive clay products.

"KLEAR OUT GX" — Drain & Sewer Compound — Tech Sheet

KLEAR OUT GX is a granular, caustic-type drain/sewer solvent for industry, street departments, or facilities with major drain problems. When activated by water this product will generate high heat, emulsify grease, emulsify oil, attack roots and digest hair & paper. This highly effective compound provides deep penetration, is non-corroding, will attack hardened detergents and contains a highly visible tracing color.

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Green Drain

Green Drain is the answer to prevent odors & insects from floor drains - Tech Sheet

The Green Drain has a one way valve that was created to eliminate odors with the use of strong silicon skirts. These silicon flaps prevent flood damage and prevent insects from entering into your drain piping. This is a perfect solution for eliminating sewer odors and keeping your floor drains clear of problems.

Green Drain will Solve Drain Fly Issues & Floor Drain Odors           chemex green drain