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STABROM 909 Liquid Stabilized Bromine


STABROM 909 Liquid Stabilized Bromine


Albemarle's STABROM® 909 biocide is a premium product from a new class of biocides offering the power of oxidizers and the stability of non-oxidizers. Unlike sodium bromide, STABROM® 909 biocide does not require activation with chlorine. It provides effective system performance and is easier to handle and deliver than other biocides.


STABROM 909 biocide is EPA-registered for use as a fungicide, algicide, slimicide and microbiocide in recirculating cooling and process water systems, heat transfer systems (such as hydrostatic sterilizers and retorts, pasteurizers and warmers, and batch and continuous cookers), air washers and industrial scrubbing systems, containerized ponds and decorative fountains, industrial once-through cooling water systems, pulp and paper mills and wastewater systems. It is also EPA-registered to control biofilm deposits from pumps, pipework, heat exchangers and filters associated with industrial water treatment systems. Please contact Chemex Industries, Inc., if you have any questions regarding STABROM 909 biocide applications. 


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stabrom 909 liquid stabilized bromine

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